Seeing Beyond

I feel that art that is good is transcendent. It says what cannot be said with words. It doesn’t just describe what is there, but gives the viewer an experience that adds to the richness of life.

Once I began painting, I realized I was home. It felt so familiar. Having been focused on the complex and exacting process of screenprinting, I hadn’t set brush to canvas in 25 years. Something kept me from getting started. I even reassured myself, “Well, in your next lifetime you will be a painter.”

Finally some kind of courage came through.  I recall so well the day I took easel, brushes, paints, and canvas outside and began. It was a bright and beautiful day. I was in Florida; everything sparkled; an orange tree near a big pink house captured my attention. I set to work, and suddenly it was two hours later; I hadn’t noticed time at all.

Looking at the nearly finished painting was a revelation: it seemed that a vibrancy underlying the painted scene was showing up on canvas. That experience made me so aware of Art—and the way works of art can create a record of energy, often full of harmony and beauty, that may last for hundreds or thousands of years. Vitality seems to flow from the created work to the viewer. We love being surrounded by that uplifting radiance.

The ever-changing spectacle of our planet Earth provides continual inspiration. The greatest tool in an artist’s tool kit may simply be AWARENESS—of ourselves and our world—that, and getting to work!

Rembrandt was once asked, “How do I get started as a painter?” He answered, “Pick up the brush and begin."

About the Prints

The Fine Art prints offered are Giclee Archival Prints, printed on the highest quality paper.

Each print is signed and titled by the artist.

Hahnemuhle Art Paper is 100% cotton, with a substantial weight, and a beautiful and distinct texture.

Other Giclee features are sharpness of image, and a deep, rich, and precise range of color.

The Archival Giclee prints will last with no fading for 100-200 years.

Print orders will be sent USPS with FREE SHIPPING.

The image shown above, with a 12” ruler, give a comparison of most large and small prints. There are other sizes noted on individual print pages. The borders are generous, allowing one to frame the print without a mat if desired.

Follow Your Heart

Born and raised in the countryside near Charleston, West Virginia, Vivian has been drawing and painting since childhood.

Her path included West Virginia’s Alderson-Broaddus College, graduating in Nursing. She took as much college art as possible with the renowned Herbert Waters, painter and wood-engraver. Dr. Waters became a lifelong friend and was a continual source of inspiration and encouragement.

After working a few years as an RN, Vivian felt compelled to follow her heart, and began creating art, producing bold silk-screened posters and prints. It was then that she met artist/photographer Richard Pranulis. Inspired by the natural beauty of West Virginia, they created the business Wolf Creek Printery, designing and printing the popular Wolf Creek Calendar every year from 1972–2018.

For 20 of these years, the calendar was silk-screened printed & designed by Richard and Vivian. For the next 26 years, the calendar images were primarily based on Vivian’s oil paintings.

The Wolf Creek Calendar ( is still thriving under artist/owners Rhea and Jason Knight. Vivian continues to contribute paintings to the calendar each year. The calendar has been acknowledged as a unique document, recording through luminous prints and paintings the last 50 years of life in West Virginia, showcasing the Appalachian Mountains and the scenic Greenbrier River Valley.

Vivian’s website represents a continual artistic exploration of our vast and varied experience on planet Earth and in the Cosmos.

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